Rentasport "High 4"

Rental, service, depot and shop


600 pairs of skis, 100 snowboards, 100 touring skis

Whether for a day or with a great discount for a week - whether Classic Ski or the latest 7 star product - we have it for you. Save time and money with the new season rental - pick up your equipment at the beginning of the season and decide in the spring whether you want to return it or buy it at a discount.


for skiing, snowboarding and sledge

Edges blunt? The skis do not glide any more perfectly? Scratches in the floor? We offer you 4 different service packages for board and skis. Bandwachsen, double-sided edge grinding with ceramicdisc, diamantsteinschliff, covering improve and structure. On request immediately or overnight - with one of the most modern robots currently available.


400 heated skidepots for your relaxation

A skidepot is first comfort. Deposit your skis, snowboards, sticks, helmets and gloves in our heated ski cabinets - leave them to dry overnight and rise the next morning in pre-heated shoes. Our heated depot also has a storrrage only for your boots.


the latest ski mode and equipment

Small but nice is our shop and you get everything you need for a successful day in the snow directly at the ski slope: sun cream, helmets, eyeglasses and caps. Ski wax and ski accessories. Just have a look at our winter shop at the valley station Gitschberg.

Complete children's set: shoes, ski, ... for 7,65 € on the first day.
Five days already from 34,65 €.
Own student program in rental with special conditions for groups.

Super savings offer:
Children's set from 7,65 €

Basic Carving 3 ***

Prices from 13 Euro per day

Intermedia 4 ****

Prices from 17 Euro per day

Top Carver 5 *****

Prices from 22 Euro per day

Platin 6 ******

on request

Diamont 7 *******

on request

Junior Mini 

Prices from 5,5 Euro per day

Junior Super 

Prices from 7,5 Euro per day


Prices from 2 Euro per day


Prices from 7 Euro per day

Touring ski / snowshoes

Prices from 16 Euro per day

Cloth / helmets / safety equipment

Prices from 3 Euro per day


Prices from 6 Euro per day

all offers & prices

Offers1 day2  days3 days4 days5 days6 days
Basic Carving 3***
13 €25 €35 €44 €52 €60 €
Intermediate Carving Ski 4****
17 €33 €48 €63 €77 €89 €
Top Carver 5*****
22 €41 €60 €78 €94 €109 €
Platinum 6******
on request

Diamont 7*******
on request

Junior Mini Ski (bis 119 cm)
5,5 €10,5 €15,5 €19,5 €23,5 €27,5 €
Junior Super Ski (130 - 140 cm)
7,5 €14 €20 €26 €31 €36 €
Basic Boots 3***
6 €11 €16 €21 €26 €30 €
Shoesntermediate + Snowboard 4****7 €14 €21 €26 €31 €36 €
Gomma Demo 5*****
8 €16 €24 €30 €36 €42 €
Premium 6******
10 €19 €28 €35 €42 €49 €
Junior Mini 3***
3 €6 €9 €12 €15 €17 €
Junior (36-38)
4,5 €9 €13 €17 €20,5 €24 €
Junior 3***
12 €23 €34 €43 €52 €60 €
Soft + Hard spezial 4***
15 €27 €39 €50 €61 €71 €
Snow Blade (bis 120 cm)
14 €26 €36 €45 €53 €61 €
6 €12 €17 €22 €27 €32 €
7 €14 €21 €26 €31 €36 €
helmets for children
2 €4 €6 €7,5 €9 €10 €
helmets adults
3 €6 €8 €10 €12 €14 €


An ultramodern ski treatment facility is the one. A top-trained employee with a critical eye the other. No ski leaves our service, which has not been tested at the very least by one of our service technicians. You can choose between four different service. Specific - for both: skis and snowboards. Even toboggan makes our certified ski master fast again.

price list service

Ski und Snowboard

Wax Service

Quick, easy, minimum

Basic Service

Basic protection during season
Bestseller !

Internediate Service

Standard Service
General check up
Best Protextion during season 

Top Service

Total Check up
complete tuning 
At the beginning of your season


    The small depot for 2 people? The big one for the whole family? We have it for you - heated, disinfected and conveniently accessible. Save the stress on vacation. Your skis are stored directly on the slopes and on the lift - you do not have to drag them into the hotel or ruin your car with the wet equipment. Your ski "sleep" overnight with us. The boots will be dry and warm the next morning - and if you want, we even make the ski service for you overnight.

    price list depot

    With just one click, you can view and download the current price list here. The list is valid for the season 2016/2017.

    The facts speak for themselves



    We change 30 percent of our skis every year - we update you with the latest models from the renowned premium manufacturers. Unique: Already from the mid of february you can test the models for the next year at our rental.


    Eight different tobogganists in the region promise pure fun. For this to happen, you do not have to drive with a toboggan in the car - we have more than 100 new aluminum sleds in rental: easy, fast and good to steer.


    You want to change from ski to snowboard? You just want to try it without spending the same amount of money? We have the largest inventory of snowboards in the region - with matching shoes and even the necessary clothing.

    Cool Ride

    Radiant sunshine in winter - spring feelings for the ski season end? Then you exchange: Ski against e-bike. Also in the winter, we offer a selection of our mountain and e-bikes to everyone who is looking for a change.Cool ride in the snow.

    our winter rental

    Visit us 30 meters from the valley station Meransen-Gitschberg

    8 -18 daily

    phone: +39  0472 522045
    fax: +39  0472 522375

    Mitterecker Strasse 27, IT - 39037 Mühlbach
    Next to the valley station Gitschberg

    your questions
    our answers

    We would like to answer that in a sentence, but our assortment is so big that we now have a rather long price list. You can download it on this page

    From clothing to equipment everything is necessary for a winter sports holiday. From heated shoes to steerable bobsleighs, from touring skis to snowboots, from the latest alpine skis to the latest fashion trends.

    Yes. At the beginning and end of each season, we sell more than a third of our stock. In addition, we make all offers to customers: test and purchase. Try our equipment and if you like it, you can purchase it at a substantial discount on the original price.

    Do not worry. We offer full insurance. For 10% of the rental price you receive all-round protection against theft and damage.